Our admission policy is for the most part based on merit. All candidates  must be assessed according to the intended level/class and must meet the requirements of assessment and evaluation.

The school management is the admitting body. There is no favoritism or mediocrity in the admission procedure.

We welcome all pupils from all backgrounds, creeds, religions and tribes; all are equal and the same at Oren.

Under “special circumstances” and solely at the management’s discretion, specific waivers may be made in the admission process. While these are rare, they are not absolutely impossible and speak to our ability to exhibit some flexibility when the need arises. In some of these cases however, parents/guardians will be required to sign certain documents of attestation and indemnification to complete the admission process.

  • Registration form can be purchased from the school throughout the year.
  • Registration forms should be duly completed and submitted to the school promptly.
  • Pupils coming into Nursery 1, Nursery 2 and all primary classes would be assessed and placed in classes based on their performance and the evaluated discretion of management.

Below, you will find a list of the acceptable age requirements for admission into any particular class.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE  that children seeking admission  into any class must have attained the class age latest by end of September of the year of admission.

Playgroup15 -18 months
Early Beginners2 years
Nursery 1 3 years
Nursery 24 years
Year 15 years
Year 26 years
Year 37 years
Year 48 years
Year 59 years
Year 610 years

Prospective pupils are examined on  Numeracy (Mathematics) and Literacy (English Language)

For further enquiries please contact the school or call 08178686453, 07033167692.

You can also visit our Facebook page: Oren Schools or checkout our Instagram page OrenSchools for details and updates.

Thank you.