Admission Open

Oren Pre-school carters to children between the ages of 15 months (1 year 3 months) and 60 months  (5 years); a period we deeply understand as the most critical, impressionable and formative years of every child. These years at Oren integrate the child into the school and formal learning system of education. Our Pre-school comprises the following groups:

  • Playgroup
  • Early Beginners
  • Nursery 1
  • Nursery 2

Playgroup Class

This is our home-to-school transition class, where we are at our most professional and most patient, as we are dealing with learners who mostly can't understand why they've been taken away from home and brought to a strange place. Our focus here is to help them explore their environment, abilities and creative sides at their pace.

A lot of care and detail is placed into designing the classes to ensure flexibility of learning styles and to create an atmosphere of simplicity, comfort and safety for all children. So let the melody of the songs ring through, let the rhymes burst forth melodies, let the pictures amaze and by all, let the little stars learn.