Olayemi Fanimo


How We Started

Infant-Centre, Pre-School & Primary School

Oren is a disciplined and faith based believing school that follows the Nigerian curriculum of study but include elements of the British curriculum so as to offer a broad international perspective to learning.

We commenced operations and opened the doors of our vision on September 17th 2012. We stood ready and prepared to deliver quality and satisfactory services to all who walked through our doors. It would not be until February of the following year 2013, that we would register our first baby.

So began the story of the first Brain child of this School; her name was Fifi’s Place and she was a Crèche and Infant care centre. As Fifi’s Place grew with increasing numbers, staff and children alike, relationships were forged and a niche was carved in our geographical location. We set to work and made our vision clear and devised a mission to accomplish it. We fulfilled that mission and the vision began to grow. That growth in vision gave birth to the evolution of Fifi’s place to Oren Schools in September 2016.

“Oren” aptly defined our journey past, present and future. A Hebrew word meaning “Pine Tree”, it signifies our resilience, sustainability and our ability to weather storms, (just like the pine tree that thrives in all conditions and seasons), and emerges stronger and standing steadfast.

Oren Schools is a co-educational Outfit that provides services in Infant care, Pre-School and Primary school Education.

Once again we started with 32 pupils, most of them moving with us from Fifi’s Place, others joining us as Oren. We set to task, desiring to be known particularly  for raising children’s accomplishment and achievement levels at  all stages of academics and education.

We trained our staff to be effective and watched them work, with eagle-eye attention. One year later, our whole school population as experienced a geometrical growth characterized by the Grace of heaven available to us and our ever increasing quest to never have a better yesterday, never have a child fall through the cracks and to provide better excellent educational services to satisfy our clients.

Our focus has, and will always be to remain in growing and developing all-round excellence in the children. They come first always, parents come second, and for this we render no apologies. It is a stand that has served us well. Here at Oren, we will not paint issues, we will not sugar-coat, and we will not compromise our integrity or the present and future of your children. Here at Oren, “we educate world changers”.

This is our journey so far, and we are just beginning.

Welcome to Oren Schools and thank you

Olayemi Fanimo (Director)